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December 19, 2010
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Full body reindeer by FrostbackCat Full body reindeer by FrostbackCat
Okay a while back I glanced over this book about Santa's reindeer. And I didn't get to read much but from what I saw was that is Santa's reindeer aren't immortal xD They're classified or bred as certain "types" of deer he uses for his sleigh.

For instance, Dashers and Blitzens are the fastest ones and typically the most intelligent. So they're in the front leading.

Donners are usually in the back because they're big and strong. Slower, but can definitely pull a sleigh and toys xD

Dancers and Prancers are more light-footed and can be placed anywhere on the team.

Vixens and Cupids aren't the fastest. but definitely measuring up to the cunning of Blitzens and Dashers.

And finally Comets are fast, but don't necessarily have the know-how. They're kind of just plowing through anything without thinking or having a sense of direction.

That kinda describes most of the deer on here.

Rudolphs don't have a type xD I mean how many red-nosed reindeer are there?

Anyway, onto my versions.

Name: Nexus
Gender: Male
Breed: Dasher
Position: Lead/1st
Personality: Started out as a Comet, this Dasher is in training under the current Blitzen. He's definitely proven himself in leadership, speed, and heart. All he needs to do is lead on the team and get experience. He respects all the reindeer on his team. Sometimes he butts heads with Cupid, which often gets himself in trouble, but he's still a good guy.

Name: Tarantella
Gender: Female
Breed: Dancer
Position: Swing/2nd
Personality: A typical Dancer. Very graceful and playful and loves music. Her grace got her her position on the team. Even if she messes up, she's the quickest to recover. She's the younger sister of Prancer, so him training her on the side definitely helped her out.

Name: Tango
Gender: Male
Breed: Prancer
Position: Wheel/4th
Personality: Pretty muscular and strong for his breed. He doesn't mind being in the back with his friend Donner. He's very optimistic, and as quick a recoverer as his little sister Dancer. However, this particular reindeer likes seeing the manlier type under the mistletoe. He doesn't know if anyone knows, but he's definitely proud of who he is.

Name: Brassy
Gender: Female
Breed: Vixen
Position: Team/3rd
Personality: Her breed tends to have a bad reputation. Like they're typically harlots. She's more than willing to fix the reputation her breed somehow set up for themselves. She made the team by her foxlike wits and cunning. Of course, she's fast. But a fast thinker as well. She's next up to a Cupid this year, and it can be frustrated since he always talks about wanting to hook her up with someone on the team. But he means well.

Name: Cricket
Gender: Female
Breed: Comet
Position: Swing/2nd
Personality: Her body's a bit faster than her head, at times. She's always about going fast. She's proud to be a Comet and often boasts about it. She's the youngest girl on the team, and she lets everyone know it. Her only downside is that she just barely made the physical requirements. She's definitely tough and the cold doesn't bother her, so long as she's moving. And she's in constant movement.

Name: Flynnigan
Gender: Male
Breed: Cupid
Position: Team/3rd
Personality: He lives up to his breed name. He sees it as his duty to be a matchmaker amongst the other reindeer, not just the ones on the team. He is a bit of a ladies' man himself, but he's more interested in other couples, so he doesn't really make the time to find or choose a girlfriend. He's very nice, but all of his talking tends to annoy others. Others ask him who he'd pick to be his girlfriend if he wanted one. He tells them probably one who isn't on the team.

Name: Conquistador
Gender: Male
Breed: Donner
Position: Wheel/4th
Personality: Usually Donners are loud and boisterous. Being mainly raised by his mother, who was also a Donner before him, it made him a bit quiet. She did all the talking for him, basically, so he doesn't see much need to talk. Tho he does, and is friends with everyone on the team. When he was young, other reindeer made fun of him for being moose-like, big and meaty. But it worked to his advantage, and his father, the current Blitzen, is very proud he made the team. Even if it wasn't the lead position.

Name: Pancho
Gender: Male
Breed: Blitzen
Position: Lead/1st
Personality: He's the father of the current Donner. His wife was a Donner before him, but she had to retire to have her baby. He's a good leader and others respect him. Unlike what people think, he's actually very social with his teammates. They go to him for advice, often, and sometimes he even goes to them. He's basically the only one Comet will listen to. Even Dasher has trouble controlling her.

Name: Rudolph
Gender: Male
Breed: N/A
Position: Temporary lead
Personality: Very friendly, but after much teasing from the other reindeer it made him quieter. Santa's reindeer always inspired him, but they never really thought twice about him. When Santa came to him, saying he needed him, it was Dasher who spoke out, saying that taking in a random fawn with no sleigh pulling experience could only end in disaster. Rudolph thought it was his nose that was why Dasher was against him being on the team. But after he proved himself, he gained the respect of the team, and therefore the respect of the other North Pole reindeer. He grows to have a bit of a crush on Dancer, but is good friends with Comet after that Christmas. After going home for a while, he goes back to the North Pole to be a permanent member of Santa's team.

Here's an accurate size comparison. [link]
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YinYangHeart Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is flipping awesome!! I give you thumbs up for originality and you designs. I lover how each one is beyond different and give off a certain trait/personality. >w<
Ask-insane-Dasher Jan 18, 2014  Student Artist
May i use this?
Awesome Reindeers!
Kayla-san Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you realize how freakishly awesome this concept is? DO YOU?! Your art and idea are gorgeous!
Would you happen to know what this book was called?
I honestly can't remember it anymore. It should be pretty easy to find nowadays, since it's Christmas time. The illustrations were realistically painted, and it wasn't a very thick book, but that's all I remember.
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